Display Advertising

Banners, Leaderboards, Skyscrapers, IMU, Splash pages, Expandables, etc. These are all summary terms that come under the « Display Advertising » umbrella.
Display Advertising is the most common form of online communication media, but it is a skilled job and comes with its own expertise. Every day Big Smile Agency strives to push the limits of this technology and media requirements, so as to express its creativity with a single goal: optimization of the results of your Display Advertising campaigns.

  • 100% of our developers are certified for Google HTML5
  • Production of responsive banners
  • Campaign performance management
  • Expertise in Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Expertise with « third party »: Double Click, Sizmek, Google Display Network (GDN), …
  • Fast implementation
  • Handling and integration of video
  • Compliance with IAB standards

E-mail Marketing

E-mail-specific HTML layouts are a continually evolving technique. E-mails that display well on Hotmail may not do so on other e-mail clients such as Outlook 2013, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
Among other things, it is important to comply with programming standards and to keep up with the latest optimization techniques.

We call on the emailR platform, so that we are always in touch with the new requirements of different types of mailbox (e-mail clients) and we know full well the problems they can cause when displaying your e-mails. As a result, we program your e-mails or e-mail templates with all due care and attention.

Moreover, given the huge increase in the number of e-mails read on mobile phones and tablets, it is crucial that your e-mails be responsive.
This means that they can be displayed correctly on the numerous types of mobile device.
Our expertise in responsive design ensures that your e-mail communication is optimal.

Website Building

What’s the value in communicating if your web presence does not reflect your company’s professionalism?

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience of working in this field, we create websites of all sizes on a daily basis. They range from simple showcase sites to Web apps with a specific purpose, right through to major e-commerce sites. Our experience enables us to guarantee you the very best results.

Big Smile Agency handles the functional analysis, design, and creation of your websites, mini-sites or web applications. From the moment you tell us your needs to the delivery of your solution, our professionalism and experience guide us in meeting the specific goals of your website.

Offline Communication

In addition to being a reliable partner for all your online communication, Big Smile Agency develops your offline identity.
For consistent visibility, in your company or to your customers, it’s crucial to establish a full and above all seamless communication line: your brand identity guide.

From the conception of a simple business card to the creation of a comprehensive mailing or billboards, Big Smile Agency calls on leading providers to make your identity visible to everyone, whether it be for small or large quantities.



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